Sylvania Smart+ WiFi

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I recently purchased Sylvania Smart+ WiFi bulbs and would like to add them to HA. Anyone interested in developing this? They’re a solid performing device at a great price point.


I recently bought these bulbs as well and hoping for the same. I think they may be somewhat new. They work really great though, brightness and color is nice. They cost a fraction of what I paid for my Lifx bulbs. I got 8 of these for the price I paid for 1 of my Lifx bulbs. I got the color version: product link

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Its ironic that you posted this only an hour ago, I just now came to this forum to search for this bulb!

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Just chiming in to say i was looking to buy some of these as this was posted, so +1 on adding them to HA


Quite the coincidence! I think there will be lots of interest in this product, its performance has been great so far and the price is extremely competitive.

Yes…I was surprised it wasn’t on here already, and that’s when I went back to Amazon and from what I can gather it appears to have been introduced very recently, so new product.

I was surprised at how nice they are, actually. I have several brands of smart lights, tp-link, tuya, lifx, and Lifx has always been my favorite, but their price is the highest too. I like these sylvania better than the lifx mini color bulbs, which cost 160 for a 4-pack. A 4 pack of these is only 35…and the white only is 10 dollars cheaper. terrific Bargain!

I think Sylvania is really gonna give the big boys in smart lighting some competition with this one.

I made this a feature request, please vote!

Will do.

Something else interesting about this product. I looked up the MAC address of one of my lights. It was made by Hangzhou Aixiangji Technology Co., Ltd. Google searches lead me to believes they either ARE the Tuya company, or are the parent company of Tuya.

I have some Tuya plugs, so I tried to connect one of the lights with the Tuya app, since these are supported by Home Assistant. Unfortunately, the Tuya app immediately recognizes the bulbs, but cannot complete the process of putting it online.

But that does lead me to believe the integration should be rather easy for someone that knows what they are doing.

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Just got these bulbs, and doing some tinkering. Definitely some degree of Tuya involved here, as running the diagnostics in the app queries against a server with the IP That server offers up a cert for

Edit: The heck? They’ve got an IRC port open on the bulbs, but I can see in the diagnostics in the app that the bulbs are probably using mqtt:

1. Diagnose Domain Name MQTT Domain0:8883 (3 in total)
2. DNS analysis result:,, (448ms)
Start TCP Connection Test
Connect to host:, port: 8883...
1's time=26ms,  2's time=27ms,  3's time=32ms,  4's time=27ms,  average=28ms
Connect to host:, port: 8883...
1's time=28ms,  2's time=25ms,  3's time=25ms,  4's time=34ms,  average=28ms
Connect to host:, port: 8883...
1's time=34ms,  2's time=27ms,  3's time=31ms,  4's time=26ms,  average=29ms

anybody make any progress on these? I just picked them up to mess around a little bit with them

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Just for the sake of trying, I did attempt to use Tuya Convert on these bulbs and it did not work. It appeared like it was going to work right away (bulb went out of fast flashing mode), but it never completed.

I submitted a request for Sylvania to publish an API for the bulbs, but haven’t heard anything. I’ve been meaning to sniff the traffic on other smart assistants are doing, to see if there might be a lead on how they’re paired with the bulbs/Sylvania account.

Curious if they got back to you when you contacted them? I emailed them as well and they weren’t really interested in providing a local API, but were more interested in “what other automation system you’re looking to use”

All I got was “thanks for the suggestion”.

Maybe if we all email them asking for the same they will think about it a little?

i sent them an email today too.

I pulled one apart and tried to do some investigation. First attempt smoked my USB to Serial Converter and the circuit board. Not exactly sure what happened. But the chip they are using is a Tuya WB8P embedded WiFi+BT module ( It also seems that TCP Port 6668 is open but not sure if that is helpful.

I attempted to use Tuya-Convert to try and flash open firmware on it and the Bulb will connect but that’s about as much as it does.

Also, using the Tuya App it will see the bulb in Pairing mode but when you try to add it, the App says it doesn’t support the device.

I just installed Home Assistant last night on a whim based on the recent MagPi article. I’m pretty impressed out of the box and I have a bunch of the Sylvania Smart+ bulbs (yep, cheap and very useful if not fancy). What does it take to create an integration for a new device? Does anyone want to collaborate? I have some time over the holidays to hack on it.

The issue, as far as I can see, is not for a lack of motivation to create an integration. The real issue is that they don’t seem to have an API that is exposed.

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So as others have mentioned it’s definitely Tuya inside these bulbs, signing up for the Sylvania app even tried to use my Tuya password… although they are clearly separate accounts… I tried running wireshark but it appears to be https and I’ve never used wireshark in my life … I know there is some method to see encrypted traffic but no idea how… I feel like it must be some super subtle/simple change that prevents them from working across platforms… hopefully someone with more knowledge can dig into these someday.