Sync and Handling of Lights with Sky Connect


I was wondering if anyone could help me here:

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running HA with a SkyConnect Dongle connected. I want to use it to control Tradfri Lights. Now it all works, but the lights do not light up in sync, unfortunately. I tried Scenes and (light) groups. I finally tried Zigbee grouping, which makes them light up in sync nicely, for the most part, BUT:

This only works nicely in sync when I turn on/off the Zigbee group itself. It apparently comes with its own switch. It for instance doesn’t turn on/off nicely in sync when I turn the Zigbee group on with a lights on service call. Now, the problem is that this leaves me with little customization, I can only turn the Zigbee group on/off.

Is there a way to make them light up in a specific configuration (e.g., 1st light red, 2nd light blue, 3rd light 80% brightness), basically a scene, AND do this in this Zigbee group magic setting that makes them do this nicely in sync? My last thought was that it might be done with a “Zigbee group command”, but I don’t know anything about that and can’t find explanations on it.

Notably, the Tradfri base itself can control its lights nicely in sync, so it is basically possible.