Sync audio playback through multiple devices?


Anyone done this till now? I have multiple tablets in my house, all using Fully Kiosk and I can play audio through them, but not in sync. I created a group, but when I play audio, the sound it is not synced.


It is not possible with a normal streaming player.
You need something like SnapCast to handle the syncing.

Can you please explain me more? Thank you!

If this SnapCast can send the audio to my tablets, it would be great. Or other devices, of course :slight_smile:

SnapCast is a server-client set of programs, where the server stream the sound with timing info included and the clients then plays it according to that timing info.
The issue here is that you need a program both on the server and on the clients and many traditional media player devices can not have extra user programs installed, but tablets can maybe handle it through the web SnapCast player called snapweb.
Other versions of clients can be installed on Raspberry boards with a sound card installed. Even Raspberry Pi Zero can handle running a client.

I understand. Thank you!