Sync Categories not Syncing

I watched a youtube video on actionable notifications that said I had to update push settings to load new categories to the iOS app. The gear the video showed doesn’t appear in my app. The video is over a year old so is from the olden days. I did find notifications app configurations. The synced categories section said “No synced categories”. I’m using Home Assistant could if that is significant. On my docker image, the configuration file has this definition:

      - name: Security_Check
        identifier: 'security_check'
          - identifier: 'LOCK_FRONT_DOOR'
            title: 'Lock front door'
            activationMode: 'background'
            authenticationRequired: true
            destructive: true
            behavior: 'default'

Is there a new way to sync or is it automatic now? If it’s automatic, how do I get it to trigger?
The video:

It was a newbie mistake. I needed to restart the server for the configuration changes to be recognized.