Sync Devices in google home : one device not available


When executing the “sync devices” command in google assistant, I get the message: “Fine, I’m syncing devices for Home Assistant. LM-G 710 is not available. You can try resetting this device”.

This device is my smartphone. When I logged in with this device via the home assistant app at the time, I left LM-G 710 that suggested the app. In the meantime I noticed that he uses this name to form the different entities. So I removed the integration in home assistant and logged in again with my name.

But apparently that LM-G 710 is still hanging somewhere.

Any idea what else I should look at?

did you ever find a fix for this, as I get the same for my phone

Sorry, no…

all good- it would appear from my searches that we’re the only 2 people in the world experiencing it…

Well, now there’s 3. Any luck figuring out what is causing this?