Sync ESPHome in HA Add-On with Command Line

Since I’ve been updating my ESPHome devices from the command line, the definitions I’ve created in the HA add-on have become out of date. The add-on is reporting each having an “update available” but I’ve already updated them from the command line.

Which file(s) should I copy from my local EPSHome command line installation to the HA host to get it to “think” that the devices are updated?

Are you compiling the firmware on a different machine? If so, why do you even have esphome installed on your HA machine?

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AFAIK, the “updated” flag is due to comparing the version of ESPHome to the version returned by the API on the device?

Are you sure your Addon is the latest version?

But yeah, as Nick says, why having the addon if you don’t actually use it…

I guess I don’t need to have the add-on. But since when has HA been only about things we need?

I started out with the add-on. I try to use the CLI more now. But I don’t see anything wrong with still wanting the add-on to to work.

At any rate, I copied the .yaml and .json files over from the CLI install on my laptop to my HA esphome directory and it all seems to work. At least, it recognizes that the devices are updated now. I can view, edit, open logs and generally use the add-on, even if I still choose to do the compiles on my laptop.