Sync Lovelace cards between Dashboards

I’ve recently been experimenting with dashboards. I have created a “mobile” dashboard that is used on our phones and has far fewer Lovelace cards than the “default” dashboard which I access from an iMac with a much bigger screen.
However, if I change any card on the default dashboard, I have to make an identical change on the mobile dashboard so was wondering if there is a way to create just one Lovelace card that is used by more than one dashboard?

I have the same desktop/mobile dashboard setup. And have not found a way to do this.

@Travis-HA @tom_l check out this awesome HACS integration I found. Just setup a new dashboard you can hide and add template: true to the raw config. Then you can create new views on that dashboard, add the Linked Template card on your Desktop and Mobile dashboards, and then you can run the update anytime you make changes to the card you want synced to both.

The only limitation I’ve found so far is the cards won’t load inside a Conditional Card for some reason. I’ve put in an issue with the dev.