Sync status of two light switch buttons

I did switch from tuya zigbee to zigbee2mqtt and HA.
I did have few automations in tuya like

  • when i turn switch 1 turn on switch 2
  • when switch 2 is on turn switch 1 on
  • when switch 1 is on turn on switch 2
  • when switch 1 is off turn off switch 2

switch 1 toggle would even be controlled from some wireless buttons etc.

How do I do this in the easy way?

I tried, but then switches would turn on/off all the time and it was a mess.

It is this kind of switches that do have indication when they are turned off and I would like to have that indicator on both switches that control one thing (that is actually connected to switch 1).

Is there a best practice for this?

update: Now thinking about it i should maybe just add condition to update state of the other switch if it is different than desired state, but still I think i’m missing something and there is less cumbersome way to do this.

who’s summoning me? :smiley:
Not working?

In the and it was just the classic “i need to be removed and paired again to work” … we will see how long it will last :slight_smile:

I ended up using this Link Multiple Switches template