Sync two home assistants

I am using one up to date for my main automation (my_hassio), and a secondary (visonic_brooker) locked to 0.89.0 in order to read the alarm system at home. The custom component for the alarm do not work on newer editions of home assistant.
My plan is to use MQTT to mirror the alarm states and event to my_hassio.
I have “Mosquitto broker” installed on both machines, and my configts looks like this:

  brooker: # IP of visonic_brooker
  publish_topic: hass/eventstream/media
  subscribe_topic: hass/eventstream/master


  base_topic: visonic_states
  publish_attributes: true
  publish_timestamps: true
      - sensor.alarm_active
      - sensor.alarm_connected
      - sensor.alarm_last_update
      - sensor.alarm_ready
      - sensor.alarm_state
      - alarm_control_panel.visonic_alarm_2
  publish_topic: hass/eventstream/master

My problem is that nothing shows up at my_hassio, no states, no events, nothing
Not in the integration either:

Can anyone spot the problem?

Ther is a g instead of a q here. Typo?

I suspect the fact that you misspelled mqtt with a G, and broker with an extra O isn’t helping matters.

me <- face slap

Sigh, 2 hours… thanks…

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Have you tried converting the custom component for the newer versions?

Yes, a number of time, No success. Poor skills in programming…

I have it working now via mqtt from an old rasberry running 0.89.0 to my main home assistant raspberry.

so how did it fail?

Is it because of the change to the NEW custom component formatting? That’s easy to fix.

I moved the files to new folders and added___init___-file
, the components was found, but failed to setup (no setup file error or something)