Synchronize T sensors with pulse_meter

Dear Forum,

I need your help on this:

My ESP32 Arduino board measures temperatures and counts kWh pulses. The two temperatures show-up in the logging at constant (60 s) intervals, but are 12 seconds shifted from each other. The Wh reading time slice shifts up with 2-4 seconds after each result.
Since I want to know the momentanious CoP of my heatpump, it would be good to obtain temperatures and pulse meter readings at te same point in time.
Can some one hint me on how to do this in ESPHome, preferably with some exemples?

A simple option would just be to have your temperature sensors update a bit more frequently.

I question your method of getting instantaneous measurements though, since Watt-hours are by definition power over time. Are you not able to just measure Watts? I would also expect there to be a fair bit of lag (at the timescales you’re talking about) between what your temperature sensor sees and the actual refrigerant temperatures. Sorry if I’m taking this into the weeds; I’m an ME. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I have set the time slice to 120 sec, and also cancelled the delta T and CoP calculations.
But the Wh-sum and Wh-120sec outputs keep shifting 2-4 secs per 120 sec sampling interval.
I use the pulse_meter, which brings out a total every 60 sec, and multiply the output with 60 in order to get
the average W over the metering interval. This will be the same as using the pulse_counter (which gave me somehow difficulties).

I guess I have to accept this behaviour.