Synchronizing RGB on two LED strip lights

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with synchronizing of two LED strip lights.


I can get the RGB numbers from the first strip light. I’ve created sensor and can see the RGB numbers changing:

But i can’t synchronize the second LED strip lights with the first one. When i input the numbers from created sensor i’ve mentioned above in MQTT-Publish - there are no changes on the second LED strip lights.

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

Thank you!

Make sure your PUB/SUB topics are correct. This is probably the most likely culprit.

Why not put them in a light group and control them together.

Thanks for the suggestion, but actually PUB / SUB are correct, i’ve checked.

I had such an idea before, but i thought there could be a more efficient way of doing it.
Thanks anyway!

Actually the problem is that the sensor:
{{ state_attr('light.room_strip', 'rgb_color') }}

  • creates RGB data in round brackets.


On the picture the red part is responding and can be controlled, but the green part of the code (with round brackets, as you can see) is not responding and can’t be controlled.