Synchronously controlling 2 lamps with different dimming values

I am having a little problem. I have 2 lamps with different dimming values, one with 99% dimming value and the other one is 100% dimming value, but I want to controll them both from each side to give them the same dimming value. But because they have different dimming values, they never have the same value and that causes them to not work properly with eachother. Can someone help me with this?
This is de blueprint that I am trying to use, it works perfectly with two lamps who has the same dimming value but not with two lamp with two different dimming values.

Thank you in advance.

I don’t quite understand. If you tell the lights to set 50%, what happens?

then the light goes to 50% but the other light goes then to 49% and then this light says to the other to go to 49% and it keeps going like that

I don’t know what’s doing that, some between software or something. (cough ?Tuya?)
If you put the 2 lights in an HA light group and set the light group to 50 %, it should just set it.
Group - Home Assistant.

yes, I already tried that and it works perfect if you want to change the values from home assistant, but I also want to change the values from my touchscreen that is directly connected with domotica to my lamp who only goes 99% max.

Mixing and machine home controllers will give you a very hard time indeed.
(Maybe there is a homeseer bridge that would help. (just kidding)…)
Can you make it all work in one home control universe? (HA or domotica)
Otherwise I’m afraid I don’t know an answer.

I can make it work from home assistant of from domotica, that works. But I want to find a solutions so that I can do bouth at the same time. I tried a lot of options, but I don’t find an option