Syncing Google Assistant to Home Assistant Cloud

Hello, I am a new user and still figuring things out. I got all my devices in but I bought a new Google Nest camera and I can’t seem to get it to show in Home Assistant.

My understanding from this page Google Assistant - Home Assistant is that Home Assistant Cloud takes all the manual configuration out of the picture which I am currently on a trial of.

Jumping down the ENABLE DEVICE SYNC section it carries over from the Manual steps. Do I need to perform all the manual steps regardless of having Home Assistant Cloud?

I found in the forums running an automation but it’s just returning an error:

The automation “Refresh Google Assistant devices” (automation.refresh_google_assistant_devices ) has an action that calls an unknown service: google_assistant.request_sync .

I figured it out with help from this page Nest Integration, how to Authorize new devices? - #7 by DOSirl

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