Syncthing on Home Assistant OS

Hi, is it possible to install Syncthing on Home Assistant OS?
My need would be to automatically sync the daily backup zip file on other machines listening in my home network, like I was doing when I was using Home Assistant Core instead.


Is Google blocked at your location ? :slight_smile:

I guess you want

No, it’s not.
And if you try to search for it, you’ll get some confusing results concerning also the Syncthing Integration, which is not what I was looking for, so I thought asking for support was the best shot.

Thank you anyway for your spot-on answer.

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Is it just me? Was really hoping to get this up and running…

It looks like you have to add the whole of Poeschl’s repository: GitHub - Poeschl/Hassio-Addons: The repository for my Home Assistant Supervisor Add-ons..

(Configuration > Add-ons > Repositories > Add > paste the URL in there.)