Synology Container Manager connection port

Hi all,

absolute newbie here and trying to get started with HA. On my DS223 nas I just installed Container Manager and tried to create a HA container following Alternative - Home Assistant. Some steps look different so I think it still refers to the former Docker installation, but it’s very similar.

Anyways I configured the container and started it. According to the guide I should now be able to connect locally via nas-ip:8123 but that doesn’t work for me (“can’t make connection to the server”). I’m quite sure it’s a network or port config issue, but I don’t know much about that so I hope someone can give me some pointer as to where to look. I have not configured anything in the “port” section of the container, so I assume 8123 is used but I’m not even sure of that…

Thanks for the help!

Update: most probably it is related to the bridge network that is the default when creating a container. I seem to have overlooked the field so I didn’t change it to host. I now created a new container in network host, I’ll try if I can reach it tonight when I’m home again…

As I said, total rookie…

You need to explicitly define external port of your container (otherwise it will communicate on port 8123 only on internal docker network). So stop the container, go to settings and add port mapping like n the screenshot below:

Bridge network is fine - it connects container network to same network as NAS is on.

Problem was solved when using host instead of bridge. I might try later with bridge and explicitely define a port, but for now it works.