Synology - Docker - Insteon USB (Successful install)

Took me a few hours of learning curve, but am finally controlling Insteon devices on my Synology DS1513+ using a Docker container and the Insteon USB stick modem.

Here are my tips and insights which were gathered from various sources.

  • Install Docker and Download Home Assistant

Follow the Synology NAS instructions to install Docker, download the home assistant image.
(Alternative - Home Assistant)

  • Ensure you config the folders homeassistant and config under docker should look this docker/homeassistant/config

Before running these commands, verify via SSH into Synology that the ttyUSB0 drive is NOT listed. if it is, they you do not need to run the Scheduled task commands.

  • We now have to configure Synology so that we can talk to the USB from the docker container.
    Create a scheduled task in Synology to run commands on restart. (Thank you to Bearded Tinkerer Synology DSM 7.0 and USB support for Zigbee or Z-Wave - YouTube)
    SSH into the synology and run these commands using root privileges:
    /sbin/modprobe usbserial
    /sbin/modprobe ftdi_sio
    /sbin/modprobe cdc-acm

  • Created the scheduled task incase the Synology restarts in the future. (look at the YouTube video posted above)

  • SSH into Synology and confirm you can see ttyUSB0 in /dev

  • Final step is to SSH into Synology and start the home assistant container using this script.

You need to use this script because the UI configuration does not allow you to configure the device parameter needed for the Insteon USB stick. Please note, you’ll have to modify the timezone as needed.

sudo docker run --restart always -d --name=“homeassistant” -v /volume1/docker/homeassistant/config:/config --device=/dev/ttyUSB0 -e TZ=America/New_York --net=host homeassistant/home-assistant:stable

  • Configuring Home Assistant

Assuming no errors, you can now open a browser tab and log into Home Assistant and configure the environment.

  • Configuring the Insteon Integration

Read the manual configuration instructions here to start the insteon integration install directions on the Home Assistant website

When you are configuring the integration, a window will appear asking you to select PLM or hub for the insteon connection.
You should select PLM and use this path for your USB stick : /dev/ttyUSB0
if this works, it will recognize the device and allow you to move forward. Then devices will be automatically detected over the course of an hour or so… might need to toggle a few to kick start.

Hope this helps save you some time.


I keep getting this error when trying to execute the sudo docker run -restart command:

docker: Error response from daemon: Invalid container name (“homeassistant”), only [a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9_.-] are allowed.

My container name is called homassistant…help!

Check your spelling in Docker UI - maybe there was a typo in name…