Synology-Docker-Portainer-Installation of HA, no Addons?

I am new to it and my start is already bumpy.
HA is running on my Synology, there it should be (always).
Via Portainer and docu from mariushosting I startet the import of the HA Image via Portainer
after installing and starting, no Addons. In the description of HA stands, no addons on Container?

Is HA not working on my Synology Docker?


version: "3.9"
    image: homeassistant/home-assistant
    container_name: Home-Assistant
    mem_limit: 8g
    cpu_shares: 768
      - no-new-privileges:true
     test: curl -f http://localhost:8123/ || exit 1
    restart: on-failure:5
    network_mode: host
      - /volume1/docker/homeassistant:/config:rw
      TZ: Europe/Vienna

I think this is the version

com.docker.compose.service homeassistant
com.docker.compose.version 2.20.2
io.hass.base.version 2023.10.4
— —
io.hass.type core
io.hass.version 2023.12.4
org.opencontainers.image.version 2023.12.4

The docker version of HA does not use the addons the same way.

If you are using the docker version (same as me), you will require other containers in your system for the “addons”.
What “addon” are you looking for?

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I am new and want to follow some documentations. SSH for Terminal, Editor
I do know that these are not really necessary, but easier for me to follow the basics descriptions.

Sorry if things are not clear, I do not have a Synology as I run docker on an x86 system. What do you want to do with the ssh addon? If you need to access the HA configuration it should be in the mapping directory you created in portainer and I would suspect that once you have access to your Synology you should be able to access that location. On my x86 system I enabled ssh in the host OS.

You can install Home Assistant OS on Virtual Machine Manager if your Synology supports it, then you can use add ons. That’s the way I run it.
In the end add ons are nothing more than containers, so you can manually install them with Container Manager or Portainer and integrate them with HA.

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HA Container does not contain add-ons. It does not contain the Supervisor. If you install HA Container, you become the Supervisor. You are responsible for running the add-on in a separate container and linking it to your HA installation through the integration. If you want to use add-ons and the Supervisor, you must install HAOS on a different supported machine or in a VM.

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I do understand.
VR is running on my Syno, but would not want to run VR separate to Docker
how do I link a docker addon to docker HA ?

Again this really depends on what you are doing. For example I have mqtt installed as a separate container and the “linking” is done by make sure anything thay needs mqtt is provided the IP address of my host device and the port I have allocated to that container.

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sorry for reviving an old thread but i am in the same situation…
I thought that HA running in docker (as per the official installation steps here) didn’t have support for addons, but it sounds like you can run them separately and link them?

i am guessing i can just google whatever addon i want to install and find the docker compose to install them, but is there a guide on how to link an addon i manually run as a separate container to my HA running on my synology in the container manager (or portainer)?

“Linking” an add-on running in another container is just configuring the integration in HA.