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I wanted to try the Home Assistant in my home, so I have installed it on my Synology NAS as a container in Docker. For the installation I used “homeassistant/home-assistant”. After the installation and looking in internet for more information, I have found, that in my menu is missing position “supervisor”. How I understand, without this option I can’t use any add-ons etc.
So I have found this solution from Fredrik Erlandsson (fredrike).
I have stopped “homeassistant/home-assistant” in my docker and installed After that I have only(?) two container working: hassio_supervisor & homeassistant but I still don’t see the “supervisor” menu.
Can You help me?

If the solution is to remove both container and install once again, how can I backup my actually configuration?

Thank You in advance,

As far as I know you can’t run Home Assistant OS (the term has been deprecated a few months ago) on a Synology NAS. Add-ons are just docker containers which are adapted to fit well into the Home Assistant Ecosystem.

Would be helpful if you linked the solution you found, it’s probably a hack.

there is a native Synology package someone created that will setup a supervisor-like install through docker on a Synology. It includes the supervisor, add-ons, etc and handles creating the docker containers. It is a hack, but from the looks of the support thread discussing it, it seems to work for people. if you got this method to install and it shows as running in the docker container manager application in Synology DSM, then first try clearing your browser cache and go to your Home Assistant frontend to see if the add-on and supervisor tabs now show up. if they don’t then there are other issues preventing it from running.

EDIT: This thread:

Thank You Burningstone for Your answer but unfortunately I don’t understand you 100%. If I can’t run “Home Assistant OS” on my NAS, what is running now on my NAS?

Home Assistant Container. See here for a detailed overview of the different install methoda.

I installed on the docker (Synology Docker) and found out more than 1400 posts later (which I not read all) that is not supported anymore.
Obviously, I had to delete everthying on the docker and now I am reinstalling the Home Assistant as well.
Fortunately I have activated back Mi Home automations until I hope to pull old autmations back.
Now I have to install everything again.
Fortunately I saved the config file before deleting everything

Hi @nicolae.fratila
I have give up and installed the HA as virtual machine. Perhaps this would be a idea also for You?

Btw. I understand that something can be don’t supported anymore but then should don’t to be possible to install the update…

I have been running this according to the original method/package by Fredrik. It is still working for me. Would I break it if i upgrade DSM to the latest DMS 7.0.1? Would I then need to re-do the installation in a different way or in some other way destroy the working home assistant installation? #scared

Also if i would have to re-do installation, can i keep most of my current configs and stuff, is there any guide on how to do that?