Synology DSM DVA (Face Recognition, License Plate recognition)

Hello, I want to thank you for hard work. Is it possible to add DVA features of Synology surveillance station to home assistant so automations and scenes will be triggered upon face recognition or license plate from cameras?

Hi !

Does the Synology Surveillance app provides DVA detection ?

If yes, it may be possible to add it to HA, otherwise it isn’t possible.


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Yes it does have AI functions in app DSCam (mobile) or Desktop

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It would be nice to add those new features to hass, since it would be possible to automate many things, basicaly you can use it as Face ID to enter your house or property, keep an eye on suspicious people, and much more.

Hi, i was thinking about upgrading to a Synology DVA, but only if FaceID and license plate recognition are accessible via Hassio. Do you know if they have added it yet?

Hello, no, not yet :frowning: waiting too since I have synology dva3221 and it would be nice to have automations by face recognition or license plate rec, maybe developers need help or something but noone has contacted me regarding this, I would help to make those features implemented into hass more quickly. But what I suggest you do is go to official integration page and go to their github and make a request, they need to know
that more people asking for this feature