Synology DSM Integration - Network Status Sensors

With the new Synology DSM integration in the front end, there’s a lot more sensors available now than previously with the old integration that had to be configured in the configuration.yaml. Is there any possibility of getting a sensor in that integration that shows the status of another network interface on the box?

For example, Synology’s usually have multiple network connections for redundancy, etc, being able to see if one of them has gone down for some reason could be helpful. More specifically though, the use case I’d end up using this functionality for would be able to see if the Synology’s VPN network connection is up or not. I’ve noticed sometimes mine fails / gets disconnected, and I won’t typically see it unless im remoted in to the synology box and looking at my sensors on it or if I manually go into the network settings and see it has become disconnected. Being able to see that status of the vpn in home assistant would be super helpful not just for viewing that info, but potentially triggering notifications to notify me, etc if I wanted.


I’d like to see the Synology Network Interface statuses as well, for the same reasons.