Synology DSM Update Broke Docker Image

I recently upgraded my Synology DSM to 7.0 because it had all these “great” new features. Well, one of those great new features was my Docker image running HA would not start. The image was running version 101.2 that I know is a few versions back.

I have full backup of my image and files (Configuration, Known Devices, Automations, etc). However, the only way I know how to run Docker is the Synology app using the Registry. I can go back and load the 101.2 version, but after I upload the old settings the image just starts & stops.

Here is my question. What is the cleanest way to get this backup and running? I am guessing using the latest tag, but I do not know what files I need to add to the config folder to bring back my HA. I also added Z-wave.

I sincerely appreciate any suggestions.

if you open the details of the container and view the logs, what are some of the lines that have either error or warning in them? Also you may want to check the logs of the docker app itself for more hints as to why the container is stopping unexpectedly.

What model disk station do you have? What model Z-Wave usb stick do you have? There are known issues of DSM 7 not recognizing usb devices because support for many of them was removed.

Thanks for the info.

I have the DS218+ and the Stick is Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090).

DSM7 doesn’t support USB dongles and sticks any more - see the release notes, the first item under DSM. This may be part/all of the issue?

There are some guides around to partially re-enable such (this one for example), but of course it’s not directly supported by Synology.

Thank you for the links. However, the second article implies USB Z-wave sticks are supported under the header at the bottom “supported USB devices”.

" Z-Wave Stick Supported on DSM 7."

Did you get it to work? I want to update and have docker and the same zwave stick. Thanks for your reply.