Synology: Expected support for older devices

I’ve two Synology NAS servers:

  • DS716+: Running DSM 6.2.3-25426 (Last published update: 2020/07/16)
  • DS206: Running DSM 4.2-3259 (Last published update: 2017/06/14)

On the “newer” DS716+, I’ve been able to get Synology integration installed and up and running. On the older DS206 - no such luck. According to the log, the installation fails with “SYNO.Core.System.Utilization does not exists” - which made me wonder if this integration is expected to work on these old devices.

Full disclosure - I’m new to HA, so it could very well also be user error. But wanted to query about older DSM support before I learn how to dig further or go about creating an issue.

ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.synology_dsm.config_flow] {'api': 'SYNO.Core.System.Utilization', 'code': -2, 'reason': 'Unknown', 'details': 'API SYNO.Core.System.Utilization does not exists'}

I think that minimum version supported of DSM is 5.x - don’t quote me on that as this is not specified in integration Documentation, but Synology did major changes to DSM between 4.x and 5.0

Thanks for the response, I won’t quote you but I’ll take that as my solution. :slight_smile:

My older NAS is just a back up of a back up, so I’m not going to spend alot of time trying to figure out what the true min bar is for support. I would be curious if the integration would want to commit/document specific supported DSM versions - or at least a “known to work” if “supported” is too strong a word.

I’m not right person to be asked that :slight_smile:
But why I think that versions below 5.0 are not supported is really just this:

So these two functionalities don’t work in 5.x but work in 6.x
And my guess is that OK, since they didn’t specify 4.x it probably is not working with versions before that. Also, as I mentioned, I remember when 5.0 version got out, a lot of proprietary stuff I had on my Synology stopped working.