[Synology] HA Supervised to Container migration

I’m running HA supervised on my Synology NAS, with HA synology application and Docker.
Because it is not supported anymore, I’m thinking of migrate to HA Container version on my NAS.

The question is how I can retrieve my configuration from HA supervised to HA Container ?
From HA supervised I can make snapshots, but I can restore it in HA Container :frowning:

What would be the best way to migrate from supervised to container version ?

you can just copy the entire contents of your HA configuration directory from the old install to the new install. Make sure you get all of the hidden files (.storage, etc) as well. you won’t need anything except the files located in the “homeassistant” folder.

I made a video on that… You can check it out:

Thanks :slight_smile:
That’s very interesting !

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