Synology,, Spotify connect, USB Speakers


I am very new to Home Assistant.

My setup: Synology Diskstation 720+, ( on Synology DSM (native package)), Spotify Addon (Premium Account), USB Speaker (Nubert NuPro A-200) connected to USB port of Synology Nas.

What works: Synology Diskstation can play audio via USB on my connected USB speakers, works fine.

My aim: I want to listen to Spotify on my Home Assistant with output on USB speakers.

What works: Home Assistant shows up in Spotify and I can play music on Home Assistant

What does not work: There is no sound output. In Spotify on my Mac I can see that Home Assistant is the Spotify device that is playing but Home Assistant does not direct the sound to the USB port/speakers.

The USB speakers display under Home Assistant / Hardware as USB DAC AUDIO but are not automatically configured as device.

Is there anything I can do to have Spotify sound output via USB connected to Synology NAS?

If any more specific info is needed I will be glad to provide.

Thanks and KR

I would guess that the audio container couldn’t connect to the USB audio card. What does the logs say?

Thanks for your quick reply.

I am sorry, but I cannot judge what ist important in the logs, so I exported it.

But I do not see a way to upload .csv? Is there a way I could upload it?

Upload it to say pastebin.

I registered with pastebin (free account) but did not manage to upload files there (it only pastes the path but not the files themselves)!? Also I did not manage to share the link to my pastebin to add it here!? :frowning:

Maybe you could download from my dropbox:

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Hi. Did the provided logs help to see any solution toi my problem or shall I provide other additional info? :slight_smile: Thanks and KR, Heiko

No help on this … what a weird forum. I better delete my account then. Bye all …

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Hm, didn’t find how to delete my account here. Would be nice if anyone would tell me, thanks.