Synology HomeAssistant access

Hi HA community!

I’m struggling with accessing HA from the web. I’m running it inside a docker container on default port 8123.

I already have a secure connection to my synology server using port 5001 (, but when I try to access port 8123 or 443 from the web, it’s not working. (port 443 is redirected to 5001… ?? I didn’t create any rule/reverse proxy for it! and 8123 is telling me that the connection is not secure)

I forwarded port 80, 443, 8123 to my NAS/Server on my router (to the same local port!).
I also tried to create a reverse proxy rule to get to the unsecured destination Not working.

Then I found a post telling that the redirection to 5001 is done by default if web station is not installed… then I installed web station. And now when I try to access, I have nginx telling me “The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port”.

Any help will be welcome :slight_smile:

sorry, for the uncomplete URLs, but as a new user, I cannot enter them correctly.

it’s always using https:// except for unsecured destination

You should configure reverse proxy on your synology NAS. This will allow to redirect connections coming to custom URL defined in proxy on port 5001 to be redirected to port 8123 within LAN on specific host. So connection coming from internet o witll be redirected to 192.168.x.y:8123. I posted some guide here (including setup of Let’s Encrypt certificates):
Reverse proxy through Synology - #3 by mirekmal

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thanks for your answer! I think my configuration was ok, but I added this in my configuration.yaml file:


  use_x_forwarded_for: true
    -    # Add the IP address of the proxy server

Now I finally have secured access from the outside :slight_smile: