Synology or NUC


After corrupting 2 micro SD in a few months, I will migrate my HA installation.

But I have a question, I already have a NAS at home but no NUC, and I’m wondering if I should get one and leave the Synology to do the other stuff or if I can add it to my NAS and not get a NUC ?

Thanks !

HA can run on Synology.

Just a question of which version( or HA) and how (VENV, direct install or docker)

If your Synology can run docker give that a try

I had the same problem with SD card corruption so I migrated over to my Synology server. If your Synology server can run docker it’s a great way to go. I’ve had 0 issues since the migration a few years ago.

So… didn’t know that my DS218 couldn’t run docker so I guess I’ll just take a NUC or order a microSD A2 for the pi ^^

Maybe just install MySQL on synology and attach RasPi HA to that. Biggest sd fail cause is log writes.

If you have a newer Pi you can try running everything off a USB drive. I thought about playing around with that to see how it worked.

There are several options

  1. Original Intel NUC
  2. NUC equivalent like
  3. Raspberry 4 with USB SSD
  4. Raspberry 3 with database on Synology
  5. Everything running on Synology via Docker

All are valid options. If your Synology does not allow you to run docker then there might be cheaper options to upgrading your Synology.

If you’re wanting to run ha and not much more, stick the DB on the nas, no cost.

If you’re planning to grow and build your system with nodered, proxies, cameras, people detection etc then bite the bullet and get some kind of mini server.

So I’ve decided to give a last try to my Pi with an A2 64 GB microSD, hoping it will yield better results than previous SD!

Mate, booting from USB has just been made available for the Pi 3. You can just use a USB SSD and Chuck the SD card.


Synology or QNAP?

I see a lot of references to Synology, but it seems that QNAP provide native support for Docker so things would be easier?

What other specs are important?

Any thoughts?