Synology - reported disk use incorrect after 2023.5 update

I monitor disk usage on my NAS in my Home Assistant dashboard and I noticed a sudden jump in apparent disk use.

I double checked my NAS dashboard (DSM7) and saw that nothing changed.

In the patch notes for HA 2023.5 I saw a correction in the measurements of Mb and Mbits, but that shouldn’t account for nearly a 1Tb discrepancy

Anyone else seeing this too?

image image

Seeing the exact same mistake. Documentation states:

You may need to update the historically recorded units for these sensors via the statistics page under developer tools

but changing unit of measurement, in developer tools, between TB and TiB “fixes” the problem. TiB shows ‘correct’ measurement, except it now handles the TB value as a TiB, hence the value is now wrong.

In my case I’ve used 8.53 TB, which HA shows as 9.38 TB, whereas changing to TiB shows 8.53, which isn’t the same…