Synology sensor names changed

Updated to 0.97.2 and now all my Synology sensors for my NAS have stopped working, showing “entity not available”.

On looking it appears the sensor names have all changed, so
entity: sensor.cpu_load_total

is now:
entity: sensor.synology_dsm_cpu_load_total

I don’t mind this, although slightly annoying but I was wondering where I should have looked to have seen that this was going to be a change before updating?

On the plus side 6 months ago I would not have known how to even fix this issue, so I am learning!

Usually in the release notes

Though I don’t see this particular change mentioned in the last update.

Waht version did you update from?

Cannot remember what I came from, but I probably updated it about a month ago so not a massive leap.

I had a look at the release notes, so as long as there isnt some other place I should be looking for to check these things its not a big deal. Just want to make sure I try and make myself aware of what is going to break when i do an update.

Ok a month a go could be two or three updates. Checking I found a mention in 0.95:

Added name to sensors (@cliffordwhansen - #24525) (synologydsm docs) (breaking change)