Synology SRM IGD UPnP issue keep having to reset intergration and change Sensor name after reboot

Hi guys,

Having a small issue using the sensor integration for IGD UPnP with my synology srm , im using a synology router 1900ac and it is providing me with stats for the router but if router resets or and issues then it loses the sensors upon restart my HA cannot find the igd sensor and causes my to have to delete the sensor integration and start anew. i also have to update the yaml file to an updated number sequence… im up to 19 now.

what it looks like working … (waiting for graph to show as new sensor)

What happens after router reset

Have to delete integration

Then Reinstall integration

After This i reboot and the sensor works again on my lovelace page and after some time the history graph shows sensor again…

Any help is greatly appreciated

I have the exact same problem but with a AVM Fritzbox 3490.
After setting up UPnP/IGD device the sensors show data.
But not very long after and also after EVERY reboot of Hassio, the sensors disappear from devtools and lovelace.
I have too delete the integration and reconfigure it again for the sensors to show again for a couple of hours.
Also, the name of the device and the sensors changes with almost every new integration. It tollges between the actual Networkname and “InternetGatewaydeviceV2_”.

The UPnP/IGD integration used to work very reliable for about half a year.
The problems started within the 6-8 weeks.
Im always running the newest version of Hassio.

Any ideas what to do?

So my problem disappeared.
It might be connected switching from 64bit to 32bit version off hassio.
This is the recommended image anyway.

Any updates on this.
I have recently bought a Synology SRM RT2600AC and got it working via UPNP in home assistant.
However, after about an hour or less, it stops collecting any data on the download and upload speeds. Other counters, like packets etc, continue to work.
To fix, I need to remove from HA, reboot SRM, reboot HA and add back in integration.

As this is my main gateway, I need this to see my incoming and outgoing traffic.

Is there an expanded integration for SRM being developed to provide data as on the synology NAS?

Any help would be good thanks.

Hi Mark, I have a router flashed with Tomato. Similar issue. Stops working at random. I have to delete the existing one and reconfigure the newly discovered one.

Any tricks found in the meantime?

I am using this at the moment as it gives me a ton more info from the router.

Works with the latest version of HA to date. Will hopfully get an integration at some point.

Hope this helps.


I am still stuck on this topic with my tomato router.
My ISP is resetting my IP every 36 hours. To prevent IP changes during the day I reset the IP address daily. This has the side effect that the last configure UPnP config form my router becomes disabled and a new appears. I need to delete the dysfunctional first and configure the new discovered one next. Is there maybe a work around automation possible? Anyone?

same problem here anyone have a solution?

Hi, no solution found and I gave up. Sorry …
I reset my router every night to force a new IP address, so it is rather frustrating to set it up daily. I already thought in the direction of a script or an automation to automate this. Something like deleting the existing, defunct, integration and create a new one. However, not explored this so far. Is this possible in the first place? Anyone?

Same problem here with my tomato router. Anyone figured out a solution yet?