Synology SRM says it is DSM instead

I just switched from a combined modem/router to a modem and a Synology RT6600ax SRM 1.3 router.

I was pleased when HA automatically detected the router and their SSID’s IPs. The Integrations shows:

The Title part says it is a Router and the IP is correct, but then below that it says Synology DSM. When I try to connect to it, I fill in the user, etc. and then it gets the 2FA dialog. I put in the SRM OTP and it fails with “Unexpected error”. If I try, for the heck of it, the DSM OTP code, it fails with:

Not that the dialog SAYS it is asking for DSM code and not RSM code. But neither work, they just fail differently.

Should this work?

You should be using the SRM integration, which requires yaml. The DSM integration is for DSMs.

My point was that the router was “discovered” as DSM. I didn’t add those integrations. The top of each of those generated cards says “discovered”. Now MAYBE because the RT6600ax allows a USB connection to a disk and that can be used like DSM, that is why is shows DSM, but even so, then 2 step authentication could not be completed.

So either it is being discovered incorrectly, or it is not handling the authentication properly, or something else is going on.

I also do have an SRM integration that was discovered as UPnP/IGD and that integration’s entities are able to be used. I didn’t have to do anything for yaml to get this. I’ll read that doc. Though I’m not sure it is a good thing that UPnP is enabled from a security standpoint. I think I’ve read people suggesting to disable UPnP, but I don’t see how to do it. But that is a question for the Synology guys later.

Just ignore each one, it’s not a DSM. It won’t work. Whatever synology is doing with there router is making it discoverable by the DSM discovery loop. I’m guessing they have the same API. Regardless, just ignore the discovered items. click the ... → ignore.

EDIT: Maybe it’s disable. I can’t remember

I already set the ignore for them. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned the router CAN be used as a NAS if something is plugged into the USB port of the router. But if I wanted to use that, I’m not sure how I would since the authentication wasn’t working.

tbh, it seems suspicious. If it really does work like that, get the logs and make an issue.

Synology RT6600ax Router Review - YouTube

at 17:43 mark or thereabouts.

How would I make the logs and where would I find them?

settings → system → logs. Click load full logs and paste the relevant bits into the issue.

Thanks. Will try to do later.

My RT2600ac does not connect, and yet my user and password are correct.