Synology Surveillance Station Camera Connection Status to Trigger Automation

I have searched and searched. There seems to be a lot of discussion on home vs away and live feeds. My need is to trigger when a camera connection is lost in Surveillance Station then the power cycle the Tuya connected plug connected to that camera. Is this a feasible option in HA? I already have Tuya and Synology builtin integrations already set up. Needing help with getting camera state into HA. Thank you for your help!

Now that the Synology DSM brings in my cameras I would like to figure out this trigger. I only see 1 item I can trigger with from the cameras and it shows idle or recording. I would like to see a Connected and Disconnected item I could trigger with. I again have issues with cameras losing their connection to my Synology server and would like to automate the solution. Thank you for the help!!


I am in this current situation and cannot find any solution either on the web.
So this is my work around:
I was able to successfully trigger the automation when my IPcam is disconnected in the network using “device_tracker”
I’m still playing around with this trigger to toggle my wifi switch and reset the IPcam.
This will hopefully solve my issue with my IPcam disconnecting with my Synology Surveillance.
Hope this helps

I added this in the configuration.yaml file

  - platform: ping

I got this from: 4 EASY Presence Detection Setups in Home Assistant - YouTube