Synology Surveillance Station Streaming

Happy Wednesday.

I am loving HA thus far! It is so cool and I am enjoying my migration away from my prior system. Onto my migration with Synology Surveillance Station (“SS”) and my cameras.

I have 13 Cameras on my property: reolink, foscam and ubiquiti (doorbell). All of the cameras are configured through the SS and I am able to stream and record video without issue using SS.

In my HA configuration I chose to integrate the cameras with the Synology configuration which detected all my cameras without issue and began showing still images in Lovelace.

What I did not realize was that I could not stream from within Lovelace. Now I don’t care much about streaming from within Lovelace, but I chose to integrate into HomeKit and I cannot stream in HomeKit either.

Does anyone have any tips that would assist me?