Synology Surveillance Station Web api

Control Synology Surveillance Station via the web api :

  • Set Surveillance Station home mode (most needed : Allows you to trigger many things in Surveillance Station via it’s action rules)
  • Enable/disable camera(s)
  • start/stop recording
  • Other possibilities allowed by the api…

There is some work on Github (below) which would make this relatively straightforward.

I was on the way of creating this request, but as I was searching the forum and came across the mentioned initial attempts in the forum and git I also found this, great that my thoughts are not alone :D.
This integration would be very nice to have for us with cameras connected to our Synology. The Synology Home mode geo fence works poorly at best and sometimes it gets stuck in “Home mode” when the Surveillance app on my iphone isn’t started after a reboot.

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Hi all! I have an open PR with home mode switch implementation. It’s open for quite some time and kind of ignored:

I have been using it on my home-assistant setup for a few months without any issues. If configured, the switch will also appear in HomeKit and you can create automatic scenes with geolocation.