Synology Webhook

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I can send a webhook from synology surveillance station, but is there a way of sending a link/file name with the same webhook then I can use this link to send via telegram.

I presume that you want to send image from Synolgoy Surveillence station to Telegram, same one that triggered motion detection?
I do that other way around - when I receive webhook call, I take snapshot from HA and save image locally. Then you can use that image to show in HA or send via Telegram.
Just a suggestion.

thanks for the advice, at the moment I’ve got both - synology surveillance makes a recording when motion is detected and saves it on a drive. HA does the same when a phillips outside sensor picks up motion and then sends it via telegram. I’d rather synology makes the recording and HA sends it via telegram. I looked up folder sensor but it can only do that on the same drive, not a remote NAS (the synology).

That’s why I was saving image to HA (not video), so I can later process it with Facebox and reuse it with HA.
It should be possible to add external path to HA, whitelisting it (if I remember correctly).
But haven’t played with it in a long long time. Remember that you could also have permission problems on read/write between HA and Synology.
Sorry, that I couldn’t help more!