Synology - who here is a whiz at synology products?

Here’s my current situation. I have 4 giant Proliant 2U servers with more power than I could ever need, one of which is running Ubuntu 16.04. The other three are sitting idle with no purpose.

While I love to tinker with this gear, since it was enterprise gear at one point, it just takes up too much space.

My current server fulfills multiple purposes. It’s a public name server hosting a few websites, it runs Virtualmin and WHMCS billing and has Webmin for basic management. It’s also running in docker with various add-ons.

Aside from it being huge and taking up space, I think it burns more power than it needs to.

Are the synology appliances capable of doing what my one server does?

My opinion… no. A nas is a nas and does not by far have the cpu power of a server

What about using Synology solely for running HA?

That might work, But I would recommend power for HA (Is use a NUCi5 with esxi on it and that let’s it fly (performancewise)

I have HA, MQTT, ESPHome, Firefox (webapp for old iPad 3 to view HA), HACC (another webapp frontend), Homebridge, MariaDB, PHPMyAdmin, PiHole, Plex, Portainer, Transmission, TVHeadend, UniFi Controller, UniFi Video, and a few others all running in Docker on my DS1515+. It all uses about 4GB of RAM out of the 8GB I upgraded to when I bought it. It’s faster than any RPi I’ve ever used and uses about 60W of power. The only time it gets a little slow is when I run a full system Anti-Virus scan with the DSM built in scanner, or if I run RAID scrubbing.

There should be no problem using a Synology NAS for even just HA.

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got a DS1618+ (intel cpu, 6bay, 32gig ram). it runs servers for dns, (family-)mail, vpn, git, web and different databases. camera survailance, everything photo, music and video related as well as home-assistant, a web radio station and some other things in docker.
currently it has a load on average of 0.7 and so it uses around 30-50watts.

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Ok, a little elaboration, yes, “I run” also VMM with a windows10 VM, ubuntu VMs, Synology sureveillance station with 13 cams, mailstation, photostation. etc…

If you want to use “homeassistant” with power, I recommend to not run it on your NAS. If you just want to switch on and off some stuff, yes it’s fine. But as soon as you want to use node-red, grafana, influxdb, etc… which are “add-ons” on hassos (now home assistant core?) I recommend you to go for a VM on a server or other.

I run it on a VM on ESXi and use synology active backup for business to make a snapshot forever backup of my home assistant and have used it every now and then just if I screwed up to back one or 2 hours back in time.

But… it’s a matter of taste… some are happy with docker on synology, some ar not :slight_smile: