SynologyDSM Sensor - Provide mechanism for differentiating between multiple Synology NAS devices


I run three Synology NAS devices on my home network, and I’ve found that sometimes when HA restarts, the values returned from each NAS are not necessarily assigned to the same device in HA as following the previous restart - I’m guessing it’s down to the order that they’re discovered by HA on restart.

Could I request that a recognisable value be included in the device sensor name, please, such as the:
IP address: “sensor.192-168-X-YYY_total_size_volume_1
MAC address: “sensor.00-11-22-33-44-55_total_size_volume_1
Serial number: “sensor.13X0Y7Z012345_total_size_volume_1
…or similar, so that when you’re referencing the device details in a group, automations, etc. in HA, you can be certain which device you’re referring to?

…rather than “sensor.total_size_volume_1”

For example, with my three NAS devices, I get:
…which appear to be associated with the NAS devices depending on in which order they are discovered, which can change each time HA is restarted.

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A name would probably the easiest.


Second that. Having a name differentiation would be great. Now I have two active Synology NAS devices and third one on its way to the stack. I have one volume on nas1 and two on nas2. So, the sensors now looks like this:

sensor.status_volume_1 <- this is from nas1
sensor.status_volume_1_2 <- this one is from nas2
sensor.status_volume_2 <- this one from nas2 too

This is really confusing (but explainable) and postfix (_2) can change on reboot for some reason, so we don’t have any guarantees on entity id. That would be great to have something like ‘name:’ configuration option that can prepend the sensor name, kind of sensor.nas1.status_volume_1 and so on.

For now I’ve disabled that sensor because it has no real use when You have more than one NAS.