Synology's two step verification problem

Hello everyone,

I am having problems to get the components for the Synology working, this is in my opinion caused by the two step verification requirement I setup for all admin users.

Does anyone have an idea if this can be build in/bypassed?

Thanks in advance,


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Only way is to create a user that doesnt have 2 factor authentication enabled im afraid…

Hi, ever found a solution?
Seems for Synology sensor, you need an admin account, and you can’t disable 2 step on admin accounts… Seems it’s not possible to have some kind of service account… Or app password doesn’t exist :frowning:

Yeah, i also made the mistake to open 2FA on Syno. HA doesnot work with this. So i unchecked 2FA on User-Advanced but that doesn’t helped. Later i read on Syno website somewhere you have to reset your syno network and admin settings for that.

Luckily i found that under User-Select your user-Edit, there is a ‘Reset 2FA’ button. That rescued me and now 2FA is disabled again…

next time, when you enable 2FA, always note that long number :slight_smile: and store it somewhere safe
also enable smtp , so you can send a rescue mail :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t remember seeing any long number whatsoever :smiley: Was using Microsoft Authenticator successfully but the only problem i had was about this HA connection. so that’s why i had to disable it.

It’s the barcode you scan with the app, keep that barcode on a safe place :wink: