Syslog server -

Hi guys…
Looking but was wondering if anyone is aware of a good syslog server container that can be deployed onto, want to configure sonoff’s to send logs to a remote syslog where i can interrogate all logs.
Had a sonoff that toggle the power and it was not me or my wife. luckily she paid attention when i explained how to override current state.

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Did you flash your sonoff with Sonoff-Tasmota ?
If yes, use Syslog Server on Raspbian and Tasmota Remote Logging.

Yes, on flash
Yes found that, but was hoping to find a docker image that runs the syslog server, but ye did the above.
now to find simpler way to view the created logs.


Is syslog-ng a direct drop in, replacement for rsyslog?

What web based visualization tool/options can you suggest?


Syslogserver syslogserver with logs are accessible via PimpMyLogs interface

Thanks, will have a look