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Hello and happy new year,

I’m interessted in a KNX Bus system and I’m wondering if anyone can share some experience?
I have seen there are KNX Router and Gateways, and this devices allow KNX to be published to an IP network. I furhter saw that there is a HA integration for KNX, and I assume HA will connect to this Gateway/Router.

I’m especially interessted in:

  • How stable is the connection between HA und KNX
  • How are KNX Events visible in HA (events? or are the KNX elements entities in HA?)
  • can I trigger KNX actions via HA? (like trun on a light, etc.?)
  • can I see the current status of a KNX device in HA? (e.g. is the light on or is it off?)

How are you using KNX installations (and how large is your KNX installation) in combination with HA?


Pretty stable.



Have a look here: KNX - Home Assistant

You don’t need a router. An IP interface (for tunnelling) is cheaper and sufficient (I’d prefer tunnelling over routing with HA anyway).

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thanks for information. sounds promising.

I have seen the documentation, but I am honestly curious how it behaves in the real world :slight_smile:


KNX cable network is super stable as such. I have a decent KNX network running 13 years now. I had only one device crashing in 13 years. Pulling it of and back on … working again. I was running OpenHAB some 10 years with no issue at all.

HA to KNX interface is pretty stable. Some releases back in time I had issues once in a while. A restart typically solves this.

Since 2012.12.1 this issue seems gone.

Hello Ralf,

thanks for your reply.
do you have any automations in KNX configured or just the “on/off” things from the switches and the rest in HA?


Many knx installations are built to provide most possible functionality without central instances (servers/logic engines like HA), but this is not a must. Devices like heating or blind actuators or Led-Controllers, DALI-Gateways often provide a lot of functionality for their field themselves so you don’t need much/any automations.

It is possible to not link the sensors and actuators at all and do this entirely in HA (or any other central instance - afaik Loxone worked this way). Its an open protocol after all.

Or you can just mix and match knx actuator logic, HA logic and any other however you feel comfortable.