System Monitor - On Intel Nuc i3 - what is normal?


Have installed System Monitor integration.
HA (no Docker) MSI Cubi 5 Intel Core i3-1215U, 32G Ram, 1TB SSD
Have some questions.

  1. System Load - I see numbers like 0.41 with odd brief spike to 6 or 7. Is this out of 100? Does this mean that the load is around 0.5% most of the time?
  2. CPU Temp - Average is 41C Peak is 70C rarely. Is this normal
  3. Memory use 2.7-3.0 gb. Seems low

It depends on how many things you have in HA, but, yes, it’s pretty ok. I have NUC with i7 and lots of stuff in HA (with three onvif cameras) and my load is in the range around 2% when idle, temp. about the same as yours and RAM consumption varies between under 2G up to 4G - it goes up to certain point, then falls down, goes up again….
HA is not very resource hungry, the fact that it can run on small pi(3) prooves that.
Having NUC is overkill, but it’s nice when you compile esphome and it’s done veeery quickly😉

Many thanks. FYI upgraded from HA yellow to NUC to reduce latency.
Definitely much better. Also boot time. Another benefit IMO when running several dashboards is refresh time, which hopefully one day wont be ‘a thing’

I ran HA on VM inside Synology for quite a while and it ran very good. Until i bought a used i7 NUC and installed HA on it “just for testing” (i bought nuc for workshop PC…). But after i saw speed increase i couldn’t help to buy another one… so now my HA is on nuc, while instance on synology i use for testing purposes.

My averae is 46 with peaks around 54°C - you should bin your i3 right away!

Run more stuff to increase memory usage!

Thanks Indeeed,

Choose i3 to for lower power consumption.
Figured compared to a Pi an i3 is a total beast.
My NUC lives in a small room under my stairs. Between it and my Ubiquiti UDM-SE and 24 port switch. Which is supports 18 POE devices room is quite toasty. Surprised at amount of heat the NUC is always producing.

yeah, they are not exactly “cool” devices :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
my I7 skull canyon has (luckily) nothing (much) to do with HA, but other one with Windows 11 can become as hot as near 90 degrees. so i modified it and added additional cooler and fan.