System partial crashes

Been experiencing weird partial crashes about every week over the past couple of weeks. Running Raspberry Pi 4 with Kingston SSD using an ELUTENG USB 3.0 SATA Adapter. This morning woke up to find some lights on that should have powered off from automations so figured something was up. Every time it crashes I can’t access logbook and the lights on the SSD adapter remain solid rather than flashing like normal so wondering if it’s a SSD issue.

Today z-wave devices were greyed out but ZigBee weren’t. I’m using a HUBZ z-wave/ZigBee dongle. I didn’t check logs today during crash, just unplugged power and back again as that’s the only thing that will recover it. Last time I couldn’t access system logs.

I’m not sure where to check to see if it’s an SSD crashing. Using CanaKit 3.5A power supply also.

Any suggestions on what might be happening or to check?

Can’t help with why but I have a similar setup Pi 4 Samsung SSD, it seems to crash every two or three weeks. I have to remove power; when I restart everything is working fine. I started monitoring cpu temperature but I have not seen a correlation, in fact the cpu temp is pretty steady at 40 C. Most of the time I am in a hurry to get back up and just restart. When it back up and running I do not see anything in the logs at the time of crash.

Glad to know I’m not the only one. Getting to the logs for me hasn’t worked when it locks up. Main dashboard shows but no add-ons work, so can’t get to terminal. SSH won’t work either as that’s add-on too. I don’t have keyboard and monitor connected directly to the Pi, maybe I need to for the next crash. I guess I need to go to Discord to post and see if anyone there can point me to troubleshooting.

First time getting an error like this to popup. Locked up again yesterday which was 2 days from last lockup.