System randomly reboots for no reason?

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been running Home Assistant successfully for the last two years on a Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB, 128GB Samsung SSD, and an ethernet connection. However, it seems to be restarting itself multiple times per day for the last few days. I will pull up the main page to be greeted with this message:

Wrapping up startup, not everything will be available until it is finished.

The system is up to date (core-2023.1.4, Home Assistant OS 9.4, supervisor-2022.12.1). The system is running at ~40C consistently.

How do I go about troubleshooting frequent Home Assistant restarts?

Thanks for the help!!

This is a message from new session, would not much about previous session. There is a another log file homeassistant.1.log something like this, it can tell something valuable.

By the way, do you think this is a full reboot of system or home assistant core is killed and restarted afterwards?

Thanks for the reply!

I think it is Home Assistant Core that is restarting. Using the command line “uptime” says the machine has been on for more than 34 days.

I’ll take a look at that log file. What should I be looking for in there? (I’m more of a “data” guy than an “os” guy.)

Thanks again!

You might see something like kill signal received from supervisor etc, i personally like looking at portainer logs. If it fails, next step would be docker logs from supervisor.

In my experience, home assistant process might be set victim for some other issues under OS (cpu, ram etc) and supervisor restarts it as soon as possible.

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Hey @anon63427907

I did a “ctrl-f” for “kill” and “supervisor” in the “home-assistant.log” file and came up with nothing from the ~2300 lines in there.

The “home-assistant.log.1” file (28,000 lines) also had no “kill” references and the only “supervisor” entries seemed innocuous, pointing to my Denon AVR receiver:

  • Timeout on /supervisor/info request
  • Can’t read Supervisor data:
  • Error on Supervisor API:

How do I get to the docker logs? I installed HA using the standard Raspberry Pi Imager. (Again, I’m a data guy instead of an OS guy.)

Thanks again!!!