System rebuild advice

Hi all,

I am looking to crash my current system and rebuild around HA later this year, and would really appreciate some advice at this ‘planning’ stage to try and help me get it right. I might ramble on a bit here but only because I want to try and give some useful info. Hopefully the configuration forum is the right place for this…

Current system:

Good robust wi-fi network with decent wired ethernet coverage too

Hubitat Elevation controller

Approx. 8 ikea bulbs (4 x candle, 2 x vintage, 2 x regular)

1 x Ikea led strip on tradfri led controller

4 x ikea oulets (uk style)

5 x hue bulbs (3 x colour, 2 x vintage)

3 x hue outdoor motion sensors

1x hue 4 way switch

2 x fibaro dimmer 2’s

1 x Arduino board which is interfacing my alarm (texecom premier elite) outputs (echo’s sensor states, alarm conditions etc) into hubitat over wired ethernet.

Several echo dots/shows around the house

3 x Honeywell lyric (not pro so wifi only) thermostats, not integrated to hubitat

Hikvision 8x camera NVR, not integrated to habitat

Hue hub – not used

Ikea hub – not used

A handful of ikea switches and buttons – not used.

At the moment the hue/ikea hubs are not used because all zigbee bits are paired straight to hubitat. This is mainly because some bits are right on the edge of what I could manage with the mesh if I had them separate so I felt it better to have everything trying to make one bigger mesh. Also, on the hubitat integration to the hue motion sensors will not expose temperature and humidity to the system, but they do when paired direct.

The aim is to jump to HA running on a SFF PC in a rack, which also runs Blue Iris for the CCTV. This lets me lose the Hik NVR and integrate cctv with HA. I can also then I think bring in the thermostats over wifi. I would keep the hubitat hub as a device handler it has zwave and zigbee radios and then pass the info to HA via the integration. That would also save me from redoing the alarm integration. HA also give me some options I want around dashboards and node red.

I’m not sure on the best way to handle to the ikea/hue components so would welcome some advice on that, and also any other comments on the above?

Sorry for the long post!


They’re zigbee too aren’t they?

Yes. Options I have are to pair them direct to HUbitat, pair them to HUbitat via the hubs, or pair them to HA via the hubs. Not really sure which is best in terms of usability and getting all the available features (ie from the outdoor motion).

I want to avoid zigbee and Zwave radios from HA if I can, retaining the HUbitat for those and passing the info back and forth to HA.