System stalls during boot after install

Hi, this is my second shot at trying to get HA to work. First was on an ESXi VM. I really liked the system but I had trouble getting the USB controllers to work and had to eventually abandon it.

This time I’m attempting a fresh HA installation on an Intel bare metal PC, where I figured the USB should be working. I followed the basic steps online: Booted Ubuntu from USB stick (try out mode), then downloaded the HA image and restored it to the computer’s primary drive. When rebooting the computer (USB stick removed of course) I see kernel messages up to the point in the following screen shot, and it goes no further.

The USB events are still logging when I detach and reattach devices, so I doubt the last lines are related to the issue.

So since it looks like the system partition can’t be found, I checked in Ubuntu if the partition with the PARTUUID that the boot process seems to be waiting for is there, and it is. I also tried the installation on different drives (nvme and conventional). I tried images version 12.2 and also the latest (12.3.rc2) in hope maybe the later kernel has a driver that was missing. Symptoms stay the same, unfortunately.

I see a recovery menu option in Grub, but it hangs at the same point. I tried to edit the kernel command line to get more verbose logging, but somehow I’m not getting any different output. How can I troubleshoot this further? Any help is much appreciated.