Systemd.journald related errors spamming the console?

I know this is kinda like taking a car to the mechanic and telling them “I was driving home last night and heard a loud ‘clang’. It’s fine now but can you tell me what it might have been?”

So. That said. I was getting ready for bed last night and when i went to turn lights out I found the frontend unresponsive, so I powered up the display and found the console spammed with systemd.journald errors.

I don’t have anything more than that as it’s the term I picked to google to try and sort out what was going on. …after staring at it for a few minutes and not knowing what better to do and not really having time to get into all that, I pulled the power on the Pi while counting off deity names to protect against SD corruption. It’s /appears/ to have worked? Once I plugged it back it Hass booted and has been running for the last 18 hours without a occurrence…

So… what should I be suspecting as a potential culprit?