T2000/Building36 Thermostat Z-Wave possibilities?

Hi, I am new here so go easy on me.

I just started playing with Home Assistant this past weekend and I am really enjoying it. (only mentioned this to give some indication of my familiarity with it). I am running it on a windows box with VMWare.

Anyway, I have the thermostat listed in the subject and was curious if this would work with home assistant? It says it has Z-Wave capabilities on the back of the thermostat.

If so, I assume my “Smart Things” hub isn’t smart enough to see this? If not, what Z-Wave device would be best at controlling this?

Lastly, could someone with my limited exposure of HA even remotely accomplish this? I am highly motivated due to the AC Company wanting to charge me to upgrade their 3G hub since their provider no longer has 3G (despite the AC being only 2 years old). My “smart” AC system is pretty much a dumb one now and have to control it directly on the box.

Sorry for the mini-rant and if my post is in the wrong section or does not provide enough information. I am eager to learn and look forward to any help that is provided. Thanks!

It is listed in the zwavejs database.


That means the device appears to be supported.

This is the full database ?URL.

Thanks Prodigyplace. My SmartThings wouldn’t pick it up so going to grab an Aeotec Z-Stick 7 to see if that gets me started.

just a caution on a 700 series stick. The latest firmware versions appear to have improved the situation. I think the latest was just released last week.

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