Tablet as a panel power supply issues

Hello to all,

I successfully mounted my 2nd panel on first floor and I am loving it.

The only problem I have is with power.
The power supply is two stories down and due to over 30 meters cable the battery slowly drains if the panel is always on.
Do you know if led power supplies with over 15w of power and a little bit more voltage of 5v will do the job?
As the resistance is big I think that I need over 5v power supply in order for the tablet to get somewhere near 5v…

Has anyone the same issue?
Do you think led power supplies will do the job?

Can’t see whether it’s an Android tablet. If it is, as an interim measure you might be able to increase battery life by using something like the Fully Kiosk browser. This has options to wake only when the camera detects movement, or for even more savings, on a double tap.

It is a samsung tab a6 and I use wallpanel
I would like to have it always on

Can you replace the wire with something better? Or power from somewhere closer?

How much current does the tablet consume? What voltage drop do you have?

The wire is cat5e which I think is good…
As for the voltage drop in order to measure it I must remove it

You can hardly expect help without providing info.

Clearly the cable is not up to the job. How many pairs are you using?

Just shoving a greater voltage across the circuit is not really the answer.

What you’re doing here is more like trying to get your house burned down. Sorry, but if you don’t have the possibility to power a tablet device from anywhere near its position, than don’t use it there. Or make a reliable power connection (an outlet) near that position. Btw. I can’t believe you don’t have an outlet at least on the same floor. What kind of house is that?

This won’t work, as FullyKiosk is only dimming the screen, if you use motion detection. It is not sending the tablet into any kind of power save or even sleep modes. It is just “blacking” the screen, nothing else. Eg. with an Amazon Fire HD8 tablet with LineageOS, you have four days run time, if you en/disable it yourself, but only 24 to 30 hours, if you use the motion detection from FK.

The best way around that, use the HA app on the tablet and set the power unit behind another switch, like a Sonoff. The HA app reports the battery, and if under 20% you enable the Sonoff to charge the tablet. If it reaches over 90% you disable the charge. This way you have a self controlling unit, that is trying to save a little bit of the battery life time.

If you can’t place AC outlet near tablet and if you have some space behind tablet, you can put dc/dc buck converter board. They are cheap and small. In that way you can send, let say 12V or something like that, over long wire,
then near tablet convert it to 5V.

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