Tablet: Fully Kiosk full screen alert type thing?

So I’d like for my kitchen tablet (which is right next to my landline telephone) to show info about incoming calls. The landline already sends the incoming phone number to Home Assistant as an MQTT message so that part is sorted. It’s the

How to tell Fully Kiosk to display a contact image for the caller if the caller is known and simply display the number if the caller is not that I’d like to sort.

I’d love some help with this if anyone has the time and knowledge.

I know that I could create a hundred and one static main pages and clutter up my lovelace top menu but surely there has to be a smarter way to do this involving placeholders and sensors and a lookup to link a number to an image?

many thanks!

I’d store the caller ID name and number in a sensor or sensors, then use the browser_mod custom component to pop up a popup on that tablet when the phone rings. I think you could use the custom button cards to display the name, and button-card allows javascript templates, so you could write some javascript to try to pull a picture from an images directory (images would need stored on your webserver, or in the HA’s webserver directory)

Thanks for this - but can you use the popup to display a button card? When I’ve played with the browser_mod alerts they’re pretty small and not very alerty? Maybe there’s another kind? Thanks again

ooh like this? yes could work. Will try it out and report back

So… where’s your report? :slight_smile:

It works fairly well. Browser_mod isn’t perfect but it’s pretty damm good given the constraints the amazing dev has to work within.

If you need any help just shout. But yeah it works. I just needed to do a lot of fiddling to achieve my aims !