Tabs or cards or views that cache content without refresh/recreate

Are there any tab-style cards / tricks that do not refresh content once changed.

tab 1 - webrtc camera A
tab 2 - webrtc camera B

using GitHub - kinghat/tabbed-card: a custom card for home assistant that utilizes tabs to segregate individual cards. and GitHub - AlexxIT/WebRTC: Home Assistant custom component for real-time viewing of almost any camera stream using WebRTC and other technologies.

When flipping between tabs, HA is recreating the markup. I could be wrong, but it certainly feels like it. Some cards/controls take a long time to initialise, relatively speaking (eg. 5 seconds). tablet is more than powerful enough BTW.

In my use case I am effectively asking for TWO webrtc cards to be streaming at all times with only one visible. Yes. When I flip tabs/cards/views the expectation is that this is better than 5 seconds.