TADO - Change temp until next scheduled temp


I’ve had the Tado integration in Home assistant for a while now but actually I’m never using it.
The way the Tado app works is that if you set a temperature, it will keep that temperature until your next scheduled temperature comes in, or for whatever time period you set it,

I home assistant however, is that when I set a temperature, it just keeps it like that, no reset back to schedule is done meaning that sometimes the temps at night were also 19 degrees instead of lets say 16 for example.

I would love to see that same implementation, otherwise, the integration is pretty useless for me besides seeing the temperature.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

We have created 2 hour boost function via input_boolean for each room to get round this issue.

When pressing the boost button for any room, it will increase the temp to a set value, starts a 2 hour timer and then an automation sets the room back to auto mode (tado schedule) when the timer reaches the end or we turn of the boost mode for that room.

This prevents it being left on, we also automate the whole tado system going back to auto and away mode when the house is unoccupied for example.

PS. Dont forget to vote for your own feature request !

Mmm… That’s where HA automations kick in.
Not sure why you’d want the integration to “mimic” automations (or so I understand you FR).

Maybe have a look at the “Schedule” integration as a start

If you set a temp via tado app and/or device manually tado will only hold that setting for a set period of time OR until next schedule.

However if you make any adjustments via home assistant integration the setting stays until you intervene.

So I am reading this feature request to mimic the tado app, which I guess should be possible as I assume it’s using the same api.

If you run all your schedules directly in tado it’s a bit annoying, however if you run all the scheduling via home assistant then not an issue I guess.

Well yeah, I understand the app is providing some level of automation, and the request is for the integration to mimic the app rather than using automations, which requires investment, indeed.

If you like the app, use the app.
If you want to use HA, use automations and the extreme flexibility offered by HA in that regard, already. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel by mimicking “something else”.


It is on Tado default but doesn’t seem to work that way :slight_smile:

But ineed all I was asking for was the basic funcionality of the app, lol.

I understand I can fully circumvent this by making complete schedules in home assistant, but if I wanted that I would’ve done it. It’s not really reinventing the wheel, it’s already there with the API.

next time block does exactly what I wanted, easy. thanks @krskrab


Any chance you could share this code?